Welcome to the ROUDRA world

Why Roudra ?

  • A lot of people ask us about why the name “Roudra”? Well, We also thought a lot about the name before deciding to go with the name “ROUDRA”. Normally, everyone thinks, says, believes & even sometimes people themselves approve & ultimately associate the name “Roudra” with the power that DESTROY’s.. & every time we hear it,, we says “hey, hold, Its not only about destruction. Its much more than that”. And when we says its more than that, we just MEAN it, not for us but for our business practices too... YEAH !!! Roudra, is a form, related with lord Shiva’s most Powerful, Aggressive, Mightiest of mighty, Conqueror of time, Extremely strict & uncompromising form. You got it right, that's what we believe when we do business.

    Anteriksh Shrivastava